The Astonishing Color of After
Emily X.R.Pan
help_outline책 정보
Just finished the astonishing colour of after. Indeed it was an amazing book. I loved how Leigh’s memory before and after Dory’s suicide is depicted. I liked how Leigh used colours to explain her feelings. I just liked the book as whole and how the story is narrated. The story was full and well-finished. Well even though I believed that the story was well-finished I was still uncertain about Dory’s depression and how it all started. There was big question mark left for me unanswered. I for a while thought maybe this part of the story was less developed. However, as soon as I read this line from the author’s note, my question was answered. “It is important to me that while Leigh’s mother had experienced some terrible things in her life, there wasn't a reason to explain her having depression.” My question was fulfilled and I finally truly believed that the story was complete. I even felt a little embarrassed after reading this line. I think this was the best way the author could illustrate the story. Sometimes, things just happen without definite reason. And just because we don’t understand the reason for certain emotion doesn’t necessarily mean that this emotion is invalidated and we could neglect it.